Addicted to Righteousness

Dear friends,

We’ve been taught in schools, in our homes, in our families that if someone does something to hurt us…whether a word or an act, we should do it back to them. We’ve been programmed to act…nothing about the consequences or even care but as long as we got that revenge, we are good.

This is one of the biggest reasons why we are such a troubled society because righteousness is not the way we should be living our lives.

“We seek to end killing with killing. We seek to end violence with violence. We seek to endanger with anger. We fail to see our hypocrisy and thus, embody it.”

We choose this way of thinking and we never even consider the consequences. In addition, many of the behaviour that we seek revenge for we don’t even realize we invited that behaviour in our lives which becomes we are not a part of the solution, we are a part of the problem. The solution is inadequate and inefficient. Need proof? Look around…we see the prejudices. We see the angry people. We see the amount of people addicted to all kinds of drugs including prescription. We see the killings. The disruptive behavior.

In righteousness, we justify our behaviours based on the behaviour of others not even realizing that it is counterproductive. Most of us don’t think for ourselves so we take the lessons we learned in childhood and the things our parents told us to do and we do them. We never question it. We never do anything different, we just go with what we’re told and use the excuse…that’s just how I grew up.

My question is…why did you stop growing there when you were a child. Growth is a lifetime process. Some get it, most do not. Most choose to remain in the childhood thinking that never challenges them to do something greater, something profound so their stuck in mediocrity.

Mediocre people often are the epitome of living in righteousness. Righteousness is poison and adds fuel to a fire.

The moment you let go of righteousness and the idea of getting even with someone who has done something to you and learn to live in love, peace and forgiveness is the moment that your example helps he world to change.