God is love

Love or Fear | God is love

The Power of Love

What is love? God is love.

What does the love of God mean? It means that God loves us without conditions. We love others in the same way, without conditions.


Our 2 Options:

Love or Fear

The Difference

Love is unbound


It is not based on conditions/terms/rules

It holds you together

It helps you to grow


Fear is binding

Keeps you in bondage

It keeps you from being who you truly are

It constricts you


The Problem

Most of us do not operate out of love, we operate out of fear.

Love cannot exist where there is fear.

Fear cannot exist where there is love.

The perfect example of love was Christ. I follow his example, his teachings, his life. He experienced pain, denial, rejection yet was still able to love. We should be following this example min our daily lives in our relationships, in our business, in our homes. This is the true key to freedom, peace, and fulfillment.

The more we can love, the more we can connect with others. We will have compassion, empathy, awareness of others who don’t look like us and don’t think like us. Loving this way has allowed we to feel like I can truly love anyone. This is the only kind of love I have seen that can transform lives, break through walls/fears/barriers. For me, there is no other way to live.