How to Live Heaven on Earth

It wasn’t until Spring 2017 that I realized and confessed after living on this Earth for over 30 years that I am living heaven on Earth. It was the first time I ever felt this way and the first time I believed that I was. It’s truly the most free, peaceful feeling I’ve ever felt and the fact that each time after the first time I spoke it, I proclaimed it every single day.

What is Living Heaven on Earth?

It’s a state of mind.

It’s my perception of my life.

The fact that I have access to everything that I wish to have.

I am in control of every experience I would like to encounter.

It’s the freedom in not caring about what other people think of you.

It’s the acknowledgement that I am divine and being nothing less.

It’s total communion with God, my creator in mind, body, and spirit.

It’s an inner knowing that God experiences life through me and my example.

It is understanding my own power…the power of my mind, the power of my words, the power of my heart.

It’s the very essence of God and choosing to live unbound.

Being free of fear.

The freedom of living in the moment – not dwelling on the past and worrying about the future.

This is heaven on Earth.

Your thoughts create your heaven on Earth. My mind chooses to only think positively, and focus on abundance and prosperity in your life. This is heaven on Earth.

It’s a choice. A choice to live and lead your life with love. Offering love and peace to everyone you encounter. Being love and a demonstration of what is possible through your countenance, your decisions, your feelings, your emotions, your thoughts, your words, your actions, etc.

Living heaven on Earth is truly possible if we allow the changes and shifts in us to take place. We have to be open and available and wish to choose to be free. We have to know better is ahead of us. It took me a long time to get here. I had to shed a lot of destructive things about myself.

I had to go through pain, trouble, and adversity so that I could learn the lessons I needed to learn and grow from them. I had to look within myself and work on everything that was standing in the way of me achieving peace. The shedding process was like peeling an onion…layer after layer.

I had to shed my ego and the need to be right.

I had to shed pride by realizing it was ok to remain exposed about my truths.

I had to shed the need to know and have an answer for everything and I learned to live in the moment.

I had to shed and release my pain. I no longer allowed it to be a constant reminder.

I had to learn the power of letting go…letting go of people who were serving my highest go and letting go of painful memories of the past.

So you see you have to be willing to lose in order to gain something greater. This is my living heaven on Earth and I hope you get to experience it in your life as well.