I am Jamie and it is my divine purpose to help people just like you realize the power you have. I help set people free.

  • Free from pain
  • Free from unforgiveness
  • Free from a lack of self-worth
  • Free from a lack of self-love
  • Free from fears
  • Free from the self-inflicted mental prison we often create


I look around our world today and I see many things have changed and destruction has begun to infect our society and we are at the core of many of these problems. Unfortunately, many of us aren’t willing to be transparent and hold ourselves accountable for this in order to change the way we are living and do something about it so restoration can come forth. That is why I was created and I want to help you!

I am here to help restore divine wisdom, unbound love, accountability, wellness and spiritual growth back into people. I incorporate them into every aspect of my life. I am committed to growth and development and I believe that life is a never ending journey of learning.

My passion is to help men and women restore what was lost and bring us back to a place of harmony, love, divine order, forgiveness and peace. We are too amazing and divine to allow this destruction that is going on in our world in which we created, to exist. It is our responsibility to fix what is happening and lend a hand to restore humanity….by working on ourselves first. When we can work together toward common goals by working on ourselves first, we really can have an enormous impact on the world.

  Life Coach on Steroids…So I call this process Love Coaching...  

Are you tired of seeing and being disrespectful to one another? Are you tired of dishonoring yourself and the people in your life?  Are you tired of feeling lost and being complacent? I sure was and if you are reading this right now, it’s an indication that it’s time for a change! I will personally guide you on how to release the unforgiveness you live with, the pain you feel, the lack of love that you exemplify to the world and restore your divine assignment for being here as long as there is no  continued resistance to the process. I will also help you discover your very purpose for being here. Our children are watching us and most importantly God is watching us.  It is our mission to be greater people each and everyday and to use our divine power that we all have for the betterment and longevity of humanity. I am a investor in humanity, a seed planter and a messenger.

I am here to help you grow to be the person you were destined to be. Let’s dive in to some deeply rooted emotions, pain, issues and work towards clearing those areas of your life and overcoming them and start inviting peace, love and fulfillment in those areas.

My mission is to help set people free from:

– shame
– pride
– anger
– ego
– poverty
– unforgiveness
– selfishness
– hatred
– unloving behaviors
– lies
– mental enslavement
– judgment
– perfection

We have so much more divine power and influence than we are using.  As your life coach and mentor, we will explore the power of your mind, the power of your words, the power of love and so much more.  Let’s be an example of what a rare man/woman of today is who is not afraid to overcome our fears, our weaknesses and declare brighter days ahead in our lives with ease and to influence the world to spread more love and to shine our light upon the world. You can do it! You have a support system now! There are no more excuses! It’s time to push forth and take ACTION! It is time for New Leaders to Emerge!  What are you waiting for? We Need Your Help Now! Click the sign up button to begin!

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