Living in the Illusion

Living in the Illusion

Many of us live in an illusion state and we don’t even know it. We become distracted with the ways of our world…going to work, taking care of the kids, paying bills, getting frustrated in traffic, driving place to place, going to the supermarket, perusing social media, caught up in our phones, etc. It’s all a distraction.

The intention is to keep you so busy that you are not even paying attention to what’s really going on behind the scenes. The sad part is we allow it and many of us are so stuck in it, we don’t care to set ourselves free from it.

How do we allow it?

We barely take time out to care for ourselves.
We put everyone else before us. 
We complain about our lives.
We don’t do anything different than what we’ve been told.
We don’t truly live.

Apparently, less than 10 percent of the world, truly lives the life of their dreams. Most will attribute that to the wealthy and the rich only having that type of life but that is an illusion. We don’t live the life of our dreams because we don’t truly believe enough in ourselves and see that it’s even possible. We are simply distracted.

We are too distracted to understand and know our own divine power. 
We are too distracted to realize that we speak our own reality into existence.
We are too distracted to notice when someone around us is hurting.
We are too distracted to acknowledge the God in each person we encounter.
We are too distracted to realize judgment holds us back in our lives and when we choose to judge another, we are merely deflecting something within ourselves that we don’t want to face.

Some of us are so distracted we don’t notice when our kids are doing things that shouldn’t be doing or when our significant other is in pain, we are simply too busy to care.

This is the illusion we live in each and every day. If we could learn to re-focus our attention on being love, being still and being quiet at times in our lives, we would realize that everything we have ever desired is there…right in front of our faces. When we take the time listen to our inner voice that guides us to freedom each day and allow it to lead our lives, we tend to make better choices and have less confusion in our lives but often times we are too stuck in our ways or lack the faith to believe this is even possible.

So my plea to you is to return to love. We are born in love and born to love.

Love is willing to still itself and listen to the inner voice.
Love is willing to do what it takes to have access to freedom.
Love is willing to forgive.
Love is willing to live and accept the truth about itself.
Love is generous.
Love is willing to be grateful for everything.
Love is free from fear.

I ask you to leave the illusion, stop focusing on the things that don’t matter and return to love. It’s always available to you.