6 Steps to Changing Your Life
Through The Power of Love

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This course is intended to walk you through the steps toward inviting more love in your life. In our world, we see many falling for the opposite of love and getting entangled in that web. It is important for us to go back to the basics starting with love. I believe love heals hearts and minds. When we can love ourselves and transfer that love back into the world, we have made the world a better place to live in. One woman at a time, we will spread the love that our world desperately needs. It is time to take this journey with me toward a life of peace and fulfillment that we can treasure and prosper in that will take us to the next level in our lives!

This course will help you:

  • Improve Your Relationships
  • See Yourself as the Powerful Woman You Truly Are
  • Walk in Your Truth
  • Empower You To Move Forward
  • Increase Passion, Trust, and Love


This workshop is amazing, I love that there are videos, well-written content, and questions to answer. All these aspects work together to provide a honest, self-examining course that really helps you discover who you are inside.

Jamie dove into different kinds of love, more so that just what first came to my mind when I heard the word “love”. I think of a knight in shining armor and riding off into the sunset with him. But she tackles different kinds of love and the opportunities to show this love to other people and how it will actually benefit me.

~ Jana E.

I love your realness and honesty. So well presented…

~ Simmsw1

You were very knowledgeable, articulate, spoke clearly and you were not boring. I trusted that you really knew what you were talking about. As a result, I learned a lot from listening. The information you gave was easy to understand, you made it sound pretty simple and not overwhelming. I left feeling clear and informed, with the understanding that a few small changes could make a difference

~ Kamesha

I LOVED it. Your workshop was amazing!!

~ Yasmine